A detailed example of how I managed the entire creative process

on S6E1: "Appetite for Laughter" with Jim Breuer, taking storytelling to a whole new level

In addition to my own video production duties, I also coordinated the newspaper cover story and Feed Me magazine article, totaling 5 pages of print along with it's editorial and consumer marketing photography.

I designed and wrote all social media posts (during filming and launch) for our staff, the restaurants, the venue, and Jim Breuer's staff. I developed the images and wording for the digital team's video thumbnails, headlines and descriptions, and the social ad campaigns.  

I scheduled the episode's publication date with a performance by Jim at a local venue. I then negotiated a deal for tickets to the event and a meet and greet experience. I used the giveaway of these items as a chance to beef up our newsletter subscriptions by requiring contestants to sign up for this content item in order to be qualified for the prize.

At the live event, we passed out the latest edition of Feed Me magazine to every ticket holder. When they opened up the magazine, they could see the Jim Breuer article which complimented the event and the episode. Also tucked inside the magazine was a subscription card that could be submitted at that moment which would guarantee the 1,600 people in attendance could begin receiving future Feed Me content.

Last, but not least, I wrote, directed, produced, and was an assistant editor for this episode.



First Feed Me TV Mini-Series Launched

Following the success of Feed Me TV's sixth season, I was asked to expand the Feed Me brand footprint with shorter, more regularly scheduled content - but with the same crew and budget.

I decided to examine a workflow that was already in place - weekly restaurant reviews. After learning each person's task, I quickly began evolving the process to incorporate a multi-faceted digital product that showcased our talent in liquid storytelling. I trained assignment editors, freelance videographers, and video editors to execute the production in a more uniform way through a checklist of stylized shots, generic sound bites, and graphics I created.

Now, each Thursday morning, Feed Me TV followers will find the newest "Small Bites" episode published on all social platforms and delivered to their inbox as a highlighted item in our weekly newsletter. Most importantly, I make sure this content always has a link to the full review, pushing people back to our website, which aligns this new product to our overall company's goals of increasing digital subscriptions. 




Second Feed Me TV Mini-Series Launched

After successfully launching the first mini-series, I took the initiative to examine other workflows inside the food department.

By doing so, I was able to expand the Feed Me footprint once again with a video series that introduces the audience to Scott Vogel, our newest food critic who recently landed on the shores of Long Island from Texas. In this series, viewers join Scott on his education of signature Long Island dishes and legendary dining experiences.

This was our initial step into the “docutainment” arena, hoping this may bring with it a whole new audience that will come for the laughs, but stay for the award-winning journalism that greets them after the video is over. And we couldn't be happier with the results.

The positive response to this immersive experience into Scott’s reporting (and quirky personality) has been overwhelmingly passionate - all of Scott's content is now one of our top contributors to conversions and time on site. 

With the continued success of yet another series, I was asked to launch two new programs in other departments throughout the newsroom. I am currently in the research and development phase for those two initiatives. 


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