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Creating storyboards and shot lists

Writing scripts, outlines, host copy, and other creative production documents 

Creating positive relationships with talent, agents, and other representatives

Setting the production and post schedule

Hiring below the line crew and vendors 

Supervising and motivating key department heads

Location scouting, pre-interviews, and booking

Interviewing talent

Negotiating with vendors and trade-outs

Lighting scenes, when necessary

Running sound via lavs, when necessary

Managing legal issues, as well as clearing music, footage, artwork, people, locations



Overseeing the creative and logistics of a project

Leading with decisive, forward-thinking, positivity

Collaborating with and addressing network/company needs 

Maintaining and modifying the format, as needed

Directing scripted comedy and stylized documentary scenes

Directing re-creations and re-enactments

Multi-camera directing (up to 6 cameras)



Editor and advance string-outs on ADOBE PREMIERE, FINAL CUT 7, and AVID MEDIA COMPOSER.

Writing voiceover for talent

Overseeing multiple editors on multiple episodes, characters, and storylines.

Hiring GFX/VFX artists, sound designers, online color correctors, and composers. 

Stylizing show open titles, bumpers, animations, music cues, general visual and audio show elements. 

Providing constructive and motivating notes to editors, composers, animators, colorists, and sound designers. 

Collaborating with Post Supervisors and other post staff. 

Addressing network or client notes. 

Delivering deliverables on time.