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I've personally benefited from her guidance and creative direction on many projects. She is an expert when it comes to video editing, storytelling, and creative problem-solving.
She always made it easy and comfortable to overcome challenges both in the field and in the editing process.

Jess was a great leader, an effective communicator and the go-to person when in need of advice.
She lends a creative eye to all projects and her attention to detail is impeccable. She deeply cares about the quality of every project.
She also brings a sense of humor and wit to every situation!

Her insight helped cultivate the unique concept of a documentary film that covered a controversial issue. She had been open-minded to suggestions and her advice had always been encouraging. Jessica provides meticulous and detailed notes for editing a long-form piece.

She always made sure to look out for my well-being and put me in positions to do my best work.
She's about the team first and makes people better, whether that's through witty humor or comforting conversations.
We need more people like her.

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When I was a guest on the show, I really got to see her shine, coming up with creative ideas and questions on a very long shoot, all while keeping everyone's spirits up as we trudged through the rain to multiple locations.


Jess has a keen eye for storytelling. I worked very closely with her as a PA on Feed Me TV. She was not only a great mentor but extremely dedicated to her craft. We spent long days together on set. Her quick wit and hard work always kept the days light and the team focused.


Jessica is without a doubt one of the most inspiring and successful women I know. She's covered my restaurant's grand opening. On top of that, she’s done a variety of social media management and website design for our church. She is a woman on a mission. I’d absolutely recommend her to anyone.

squad goals: Testimonials

Even with difficult stories such as the Gilgo Beach case, where some would present the details in a lurid more macabre fashion, Jess helped tell this story in a compelling and very human way. I was really impressed with her empathy and her passion for making sure the integrity of the story was not lost.


She makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera and will ask you questions that help you relax - which enables her guests to give their best.
It is a gift she has to work with people and help them see the humor in their fear of the cameras.


Jessica Kelley is a digital storytelling phenom. She has the drive and vision to get things done. I continue to admire how Jessica is generous with her time and knowledge, sharing many on-point storytelling tidbits that I use as examples for my students to follow.

squad goals: Testimonials

Jess has continually gone above and beyond her job description, making sure everyone’s needs are not only covered but met. She knows the importance of keeping everyone in the organization on the same page.


Jessica was such a great person to work with while I freelanced in the media department at Newsday. Not only is she good at what she does, she's also a joy to be around--that's the cherry on top if you ask me. She's a team-player, she's funny and she's witty.

squad goals: Testimonials

Jess was an absolute pleasure to work with. She is a team player and mentor - she took the opportunity to mentor Interns each year, passionate to help them grow and jumpstart their future. Her leadership and talent is complemented by her mastery of storytelling and dedication.

megan beirne,

human resources generalist


Jessica gives 110% every day. It is not in her DNA to leave any detail overlooked. Whether it's sticking another Post-It note to her wall, or setting another alarm on her calendar, her work ethic is the epitome of efficiency and organization.

meredith daniels,

former supervisor


I've had the opportunity to work with Jessica on various projects. There are reasons why some folks are recognized continuously for their excellence - and she fits that bill - through her desire to always make the next project better than the last. She always comes with a vision and an open mind.

gregg sarra,

high school

sports editor

squad goals: Testimonials

Besides a strong knowledge of writing, Jessica brings energy, empathy for her students, and high expectations to the classroom.

steven r. hardy,


ohio valley university


Jessica has a knack for writing and has a good eye for selecting news stories that appeal to viewers.


Jessica's successes come as no surprise to me. She took opportunities - and created her own - to write, produce, direct, host, work on crew, etc. for our student newspaper, TV, and radio stations. Her positive influence and natural leadership ability were far-reaching.

squad goals: Testimonials

Jessica consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic, an ability to lead and a desire to be successful. Her efforts clearly produced quality results.

tom perry

vp of communications,

marietta college


Jess has always been a natural leader, generously guiding team projects without overstepping anyone’s ideas or input. I’ve always been amazed at her ability to add just ‘one more thing’ to her plate, without compromising an ounce of quality or a second of the deadline.

jasmine rogers,

former classmate,

marietta college

squad goals: Testimonials

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