multitasking inside a fast-paced newsroom environment
has allowed me to wear many hats throughout the years


new york city producer

this buckeye has dominated nyc, booking shoots throughout the boroughs, 
inside landmarks, and on broadway shows

Filming inside Oculus
Filming on the High Line
Filming inside Penn Station
Filming inside Chelsea Market
Filming in Times Square
Filming Inside Barclays Center
Filming on Broadway - Kinky Boots
Filming inside Atlantic Terminal
Filming on Broadway - Dear Evan Hanson
Filming inside Yankee Stadium

In addition to booking those locations,

I was also able to schedule and negotiate

hair/make-up and discuss marketing plans

with celebrities like 

Will RolandJim BreuerTyler GlennAshanti, and Lidia Bastianich.


former journalist

translation: strict time & budget restraints are my speciality

example ⬇️

YouTube Thumbnails (4).png

feed me tv

🎥 Episodes were 15 minutes long
🎬 Each season had 6 episodes
📺  There were 24 episodes released throughout a calendar year

Over the past three years, Newsday  assigned me a small crew, tiny budget,

and full creative control to develop a product that would push subscribers to their OTT platform.

I not only delivered on that request but also tripled website engagement and app usage,

while receiving the highest positive rating ever from new subscribers.

The popularity of the show resulted in record-breaking subscriber retention rates,  

6 seasons, two spin-off miniseries (Scott Vogel's Adventures and Small Bites), 

live events, and a quarterly glossy magazine.  



Director of Photography
Assistant Editor
Production Assistant
Sound Designer

camera equipment

Red DSMC2 Epic W 8k
Wooden camera accessories
Schneider xenon ff prime lenses
Canon 5D M4 
DJI Mavic Pro Drone 
GoPro Hero 7


Litepanels Astra LED panels
Sennheiser AVX system
Sound Devices MixPre-d multitrack field recorder
Kessler crane 3' cineslider
DJI Ronin-MX 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer
Easyrig cinema 3
Tentacle Sync lockit timecode generator
Ironwolf RAID 0 array  (usb 3.1 or thunderbolt 3 connection)


Adobe Creative Suite
Davinci Resolve Studio
Vimeo Pro
Tentacle Sync
Google Drive
Post Haste
Red Cine X Pro


In 2019, the show won a NY Emmy for Best Lifestyle Program.

The show was also named Best TV Series in 2019 and 2020

by the International Association of Culinary Professionals.


success of the show spurred

an entire family of products

"Small Bites"
"Scott Vogel Adventures"
Success of Feed Me TV gave way to a quarterly magazine
The first live event was a sold out Feed Me TV viewing party at Tellers Chophouse

before feed me

I had a proven background in
storytelling, project management, and video strategy

YouTube Thumbnails (8).png

see more here ➡️


...then 2020 happened

I may have been in quarantine so long that

I've lost the ability to exist in the outside...

but I was still able to adapt and develop video series

that celebrated finding the light in dark times

LI Acts of Kindness video series launched in 2020
Feed Me video series launched in 2020
Producing daily news pieces in 2020 was...different.
YouTube Thumbnails (7).png

I've been recognized with a 2019 Peabody, 15 New York Emmys, and 2 Best Director nominations,
among many other proud accomplishments.


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Long Island, NY

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