Small Bites

first feed me tv miniseries launched

Following the success of Feed Me TV's sixth season, I was asked to expand the Feed Me brand footprint with shorter, more regularly scheduled content - but with the same crew and budget.

I decided to examine a workflow that was already in place - weekly restaurant reviews.

After learning each person's task, I quickly began evolving the process to incorporate a multi-faceted digital product that showcased our talent in liquid storytelling.

I trained assignment editors, freelance videographers, and video editors to execute the production in a more uniform way through a checklist of stylized shots, generic sound bites, and graphics.

Now, each Thursday morning, Feed Me TV followers will find the newest "Small Bites" episode published on all social platforms and delivered to their inbox as a highlighted item in the Feed Me weekly newsletter.

Most importantly, I ensure the videos have a link to the full review, pushing people back to the Newsday website, which aligns this new product to our overall company's goals of increasing digital subscriptions. 


Each Thursday morning a new video is promoted on the Newsday and Feed Me homepages.

That afternoon, around lunchtime, the weekly Feed Me newsletter is distributed. Located front and center, subscribers will find a Quick Bites video linking to the critic's full review.

Finally, each Thursday night, around dinner time, a special social cut is posted to Feed Me's Instagram and Facebook pages.


Scott Vogel Adventures

second feed me tv miniseries launched

After successfully launching Feed Me TV and it's first spin-off, "Quick Bites," I took the initiative to examine other potential programming opportunities.


new kid on the block

In this series, viewers join Scott Vogel, the newest food critic to join the Feed Me team, on his education of signature Long Island dishes and legendary dining experiences. 


sharing the love across all platforms

By identifying the potential in Scott’s unique reporting and quirky personality, I was able to craft an overwhelmingly positive response from passionate fans which resulted in all of Scott's content becoming one of Newsday's top contributors to conversions and time on site. 


amazon alexa briefing

I wrote and distributed the news story for Newsday's Amazon Alexa Daily Briefing which was published in the early morning hours of the episode's launch, aimed toward commuters.

print promotion

I coordinated the images and wording to publish on page A8 of the newspaper the day of the episode's launch, aimed toward our print subscribers interests.

newsletter promotion

Next, I coordinated the images and wording for the Feed Me newsletter which was sent out around lunchtime on the day the episode was published, with particular attention placed on the interest of the local foodies who make up the newsletter subscribers.

Social Media Promotion

Finally, I wrote the share text for the special social video which was published around dinner time on all Feed Me and Newsday social media platforms. The tone was casual, humourous, and inviting to those looking for a laugh or a nostalgic trip down memory lane at a Long Island classic.


Interactive Promotion

After the successful launch of the Scott Vogel video series, I was asked to guide our marketing team in the creative concept of our 2019 Columbus Day parade float. The float was designed as a live re-enactment of my crew filming inside a restaurant. On the float were Feed Me personalities and Instagram influencers who published the entire experience for their followers.

NYC focused TV promo

This promo was aired on ABC 7 NY during their live coverage of the 2019 Columbus Day parade which complimented the broadcast coverage of our Feed Me parade float.


with the continued success

of yet another series...


I was asked to launch two new programs in other departments throughout the newsroom

....then 2020 happened.

regardless of the circumstances, I was able to adapt and develop a video series that celebrated finding the light in dark times


Newsday food critics invited viewers into their homes as they adjusted to quarantine life


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