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Delivering an Experience

A detailed example of how I designed the creative development

on S6E1: "Appetite for Laughter" with Jim Breuer,

taking storytelling to a whole new level

During development, I scheduled the episode's publication date with a performance by Jim at the

third busiest venue in the world in 2019.

Jim Breuer episode: Video

Video production

I wrote, directed, produced, and was an assistant editor for this episode.

immersive experience

When I intially scheduled the episode's debut with Jim's performance, I also negotiated a deal for tickets to the event and a meet and greet experience. I used the giveaway of these items as a chance to beef up our newsletter subscriptions by requiring contestants to sign up for this content item in order to be qualified for the prize.

At the live event, we passed out the latest edition of Feed Me magazine to every ticket holder. When they opened up the magazine, they could see the Jim Breuer article which complimented the event and the episode. Also tucked inside the magazine was a subscription card that could be submitted at that moment which would guarantee the 1,600 people in attendance could begin receiving future Feed Me content.

Jim Breuer episode: Awards

Print Product

In addition to my own video production duties, I also coordinated the newspaper cover story and Feed Me magazine article, totaling 5 pages of print along with it's editorial and consumer marketing photography.

social media

I designed and wrote all social media posts (during filming and launch) for our staff, Feed Me TV and Newsday pages, the restaurants, the venue, and Jim Breuer's staff which resulted in a clear voice and brand delivery.

I also developed the images and wording for the digital team's video thumbnails, headlines and descriptions, and the paid social ad campaigns. Lastly, I invited local Instagram influencers to the launch at the venue, asking them to post about the episode and their experience. 

public relations/marketing

I coordinated the host's schedule of local media outlets before the launch. During this tour, her goal was to promote the launch of the Jim Breuer episode then discuss other episodes in the new season.

I cut a two-minute version of the Breuer episode, delivering it to each stop on the tour. On News 12 LI, the segment aired at the top of the hour - along with a follow-up discussion from the anchors with a call-back to our website - for a total of 6 times on launch day. 

Amazon Alexa News Briefing

I alerted the audio news team of the upcoming episode launch, pitching them a version of the story that would appeal to their specific audience and department goals. The segment aired on the morning of the launch.

Jim Breuer episode: Awards

:30 TV and Radio Promo Spot

I worked with a separate marketing video editor on clips and storylines for the TV and radio promotional items.

Jim Breuer episode: Video

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Jim Breuer episode: About

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