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Hi, I'm Jessica Kelley

I help your story come to life


i had the best iced coffee of my life at a dunkin' in 2015

...and I've been chasing that feeling ever since.

It's similar to how it feels when you scroll through your feed these days. Does anyone aim to add value to people’s lives, rather than feed them garbage?



Tik Tok forces content creators to be pointed and concise, while at the same time giving them the freedom to engage directly with viewers, and to get creative (and a little bit silly) with narrative techniques.


squad goals


Kim Como
Newsday Communications Director

From the very beginning of the Feed Me series, Jessica took on whatever role was needed (booker, location scout, production assistant, etc.) to get the show wrapped up and off to the editors to meet production deadlines.  However, her dedication does not end when the show goes into post-production. 

Jess is an incredible liaison between multiple departments, making sure everyone’s needs are not only covered but met. She knows the importance of keeping everyone in the organization on the same page. 

She has continually gone above and beyond her job description, showing her complete passion for the overall project.  


My long history of constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity is all here.


we vibin?

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