good stories have a clear structure and purpose



great stories have a character to root for


our favorite stories appeal to our deepest emotions


I'm the video expert who answers

the bat-signal

when an idea needs to

come alive on screen

I've made a career of launching brands
while pushing the art of visual storytelling.


we as audiences know a good story when we see or hear one



name your

favorite movie


My videos have educated hundreds of thousands by igniting curiosity, touching the heart, and turning audiences into loyal customers.


Jessica Kelley is an award-winning
documentary director/producer who loves to tell
inspiring and funny stories focused on women’s resilience
and those who have the audacity to second-guess it.

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I develop video strategies with a focus on platform-specific experiences. I have a clear vision of how a brand should look, feel, and come to life across all touchpoints. I'm 60% strategy killer, always looking ahead, and 40% get shit done right now, focused on what needs to happen and when.


 I conceptualize video series with a focus on stories that empower women and the experiences of our millennial generation. I pitch and develop stories for distribution channels that cater to the people hungry for a laugh, and for the ones looking for a four-course dinner rather than another bag of candy.


I build and nurture an effective creative team spanning art direction, graphic design, copywriting, and video production, and operate as a leader who mentors and inspires while also working alongside my team.


In each session I share my very best secrets that I have iterated on over the course of producing hundreds of short films, episodic content, and live events. I help advance your vision through mentoring and weekly check-ins.

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Feed Me TV Sizzle Reel


"Off Course 

with Scott Vogel"

Second Feed Me TV Mini-Series Launched

After successfully launching the first mini-series, I took the initiative to examine other workflows inside the food department.

By doing so, I was able to expand the Feed Me footprint once again with a video series that introduces the audience to Scott Vogel, our newest food critic who recently landed on the shores of Long Island from Texas. In this series, viewers join Scott on his education of signature Long Island dishes and legendary dining experiences.

This was our initial step into the “docutainment” arena, hoping this may bring with it a whole new audience that will come for the laughs, but stay for the award-winning journalism that greets them after the video is over. And we couldn't be happier with the results.

The positive response to this immersive experience into Scott’s reporting (and quirky personality) has been overwhelmingly passionate - all of Scott's content is now one of our top contributors to conversions and time on site. 

With the continued success of yet another series, I was asked to launch two new programs in other departments throughout the newsroom. I am currently in the research and development phase for those two initiatives. 


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