how can you get more consistent results from videos?

(that engage curiosity, emotions and imagination and the potential to bring about change)

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the transformative power of
[micro] storytelling

TikTok forces content creators to be pointed and concise, while at the same time giving them the freedom to engage directly with viewers, and to get creative (and a little bit silly) with narrative techniques.


however, to produce a

TikTok strategy is easier said than done

it's not just a matter of hiring

a professional filmmaker   (hi!  👋🏼) matter how good they are.

some of the best video content out there right now is being produced by Gen Z'ers who adapted existing content or came up with new ideas for the TikTok platform


many try to publish short videos that read like hyper-condensed versions of their original content

the prose is simple, the plots quaint...but it's also stripped of the endearing description and dialogue that characterize what they do best.


it quickly becomes clear that if a video

is uninspired

viewers will stop checking back for new content

& their engagement falls flat

Beach Shot

I help your story come to life

with micro-moments

want to learn how to share smaller, more frequent narratives that will deepen connections and create bonds with people?


find out how



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